Thursday, January 3, 2013

Books, Articles, and Videos on Fuel Competition

The better informed you are, the more persuasive you will be when talking to others about it. The most important task we have right now is to educate as many people as possible about the value and power of fuel competition in the United States. Here are our recommended books, articles, and online videos:


Fill Your Tank With Freedom

Homegrown Defense

Energy Victory

Turning Oil Into Salt

Sustainable Ethanol

The Forbidden Fuel

Alcohol Can Be a Gas


Energy Independence Myths and Solutions

Achieving Energy Victory

What Fuel Competition Has to do With National Security

America's Economic Recovery

American Energy Review

How to End America's Addiction to Oil

The Oil Industry's Campaign to Discredit Ethanol

Economic Impact of the Open Fuel Standard Factsheet

Environmental Benefits of the Open Fuel Standard

The Methanol Story by Roberta J. Nichols

How to Break Oil's Monopoly and OPEC's Cartel

Rising Oil Prices, Declining National Security

Oil and the New Economic Order

Testimony by Gal Luft

The Hidden Cost of Oil

The Alcohol Standard

Economic Impact of Methanol Economy

The Food Industry's Campaign Against Ethanol

Huge Variety of Sources for Methanol

What Fuel Competition Has to do With National Security

Why Support an Open Fuel Standard?

What OPEC Does is Illegal

Where Does America Get Its Oil?

The Four Different Kinds of Alcohol Fuels

What is Cellulosic Ethanol?

Interesting Facts About Alcohol Fuels

Busting the Ethanol Myths

Technological Solutions for Energy Security and Sustainability

The Real Price of Gasoline


Fuel Choice in America and the End of Oil Addiction

Robert Zubrin's Keynote Address on Energy Victory

How to Achieve Oil Independence

Anne Korin: Why the Open Fuel Standard is Urgent

Robert Zubrin: Why the Open Fuel Standard Act is Urgent

Anne Korin Answers Questions at ACE Conference

The Model T Was a Flex Fuel Car

Clips From the June 2nd OFS News Conference

Zubrin: Flex Fuel for the World

Marc Rauch at the ACE Conference

Reducing oil dependency with flex fuel vehicles



Who Killed the Electric Car?

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