Monday, July 8, 2013

An Environmental Disaster Cannot Happen With an Ethanol Spill

You won't see anything like this with ethanol.
One of the advantages of ethanol is its safety. You won't see birds dying from an ethanol spill. I liked how they put it in an article on an ethanol spill in Janesville, Wisconsin:

"The accident Tuesday morning led to the spill of 8,000 gallons of ethanol into a nearby retention pond, and prompted officials to evacuate the area for hours and shut down Highway 59 east of Milton until well after midnight Wednesday morning.

"Layber said he was told by Milton Fire Department officials that the Department of Natural Resources on Tuesday had suggested allowing the overturned truck to drain its load of unblended ethanol into a storm sewer linked to a nearby retention pond.

"That move was viewed as safer than bringing in equipment to deal with the spill, which officials said was potentially explosive.

"Layber said the pond is lined with clay at the bottom, and he said DNR officials expected the ethanol to evaporate from the water. He said officials indicated the spill wouldn't be a threat to groundwater or drinking water."

Read the whole article: Ethanol Spill Isn't Dangerous, Officials Say.

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