Sunday, August 18, 2013

Your Representatives Are Probably Home

Congress is out of session and won't be back on the Hill until September 9th. You can see a PDF of the House calendar by clicking here (days in session are shaded dark on the calendar).

While your Representative is home, it's a perfect time to pay a visit. Find out how here. Also, find out if your Representative is having a Town Hall meeting, and participate. The goal is to get as many Representatives as possible to co-sponsor the bill.

The Open Fuel Standard will move the United States closer to fuel independence, limit money going to dangerous women-oppressing regimes, lower the amount of lobbying and influence the oil industry enjoys today, revitalize the American economy, improve our national security, help solve our garbage and landfill problem, help people in developing nations rise out of poverty, help prevent mental illness, and reduce the amount of pollution and greenhouse gases that are sent into the atmosphere, into the ocean, and into the ground.

This simple bill will have enormous positive consequences. Visiting your Representative could tip the scales and make the difference. Learn how to successfully influence your Representative here.

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