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OPEC Country Finances Anti-Fracking Film

Several articles about the Matt Damon movie, Promised Land (see links to the articles below), explain how the movie deliberately distorts the facts in order to make fracking (hydraulic fracturing) seem as bad as possible, and reveal that the movie was funded by Abu Dhabi Media, which is wholly owned by the United Arab Emirates, an OPEC nation.

The recent transformation of the oil and gas industry in the U.S. has OPEC concerned. So far America hasn't used its new technology to create fuel competition in the liquid fuel market, but if we ever get a collective clue, it would spell doom for most of the regimes now ruling OPEC nations. They've gotten in over their heads with future commitments to pay off their citizens, which requires a high global price for oil. If the U.S. uses its new natural gas wealth to create methanol to compete with gasoline directly, the price of fuel will drop precipitously and OPEC's controlling power over the world's economy will collapse.

Of course OPEC doesn't want this to happen. That's an understatement. They absolutely cannot allow this to happen. One good way of stopping it is to try to discredit or even vilify the source of America's new natural gas wealth: Fracking technology. That's what Matt Damon's movie does. And that's what several other films have done, including the documentary, Gasland.

When Matt Damon and John Krasinski wrote their screenplay about fracking, they were so pleased with it, they announced it would be "promoted as a potential Oscar winner." But, says director Phelim McAleer, "then came trouble." He explains:

In courtroom after courtroom, it has been proved that anti-fracking activists have been guilty of fraud or misrepresentation.

There was Dimock, Pa. — the likely inspiration for “Promised Land,” which is also set in Pennsylvania. Dimock featured in countless news reports, with Hollywood celebrities even bringing water to 11 families who claimed fracking had destroyed their water and their lives.

But while “Promised Land” was in production, the story of Dimock collapsed. The state investigated and its scientists found nothing wrong. So the 11 families insisted EPA scientists investigate. They did — and much to the dismay of the environmental movement found the water was not contaminated.

There was Wolf Eagle Environmental Engineers in Texas, a group that produced a frightening video of a flaming house water pipe and claimed a gas company had polluted the water. But a judge just found that the tape was an outright fraud — Wolf Eagle connected the house gas pipe to a hose and lit the water.

Other “pollution” cases collapsed in Wyoming and Colorado. Even Josh Fox, who with his Oscar-nominated documentary “Gasland” first raised concerns about flammable water, has had to admit he withheld evidence that fracking was not responsible.

These frauds and misrepresentations created huge problems for the Damon/Krasinski script...

So, according to sources close to the movie, they’ve come up with a solution — suggest that anti-fracking fraudsters are really secret agents employed by the fossil-fuel industry to discredit the environmental movement.

In the revised script, Damon exposes Krasinski as a fraud — only to realize that Krasinski’s character is working deep undercover for the oil industry to smear fracking opponents.

I really liked how Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters ended his article. He wrote:

Making matters worse, the film is full of so many falsehoods, Phelim McAleer reported Tuesday "the script’s seen some very hasty rewriting because of real-world evidence that anti-fracking activists may be the true villains."

According to McAleer, the reworked plot suggests "anti-fracking fraudsters are really secret agents employed by the fossil-fuel industry to discredit the environmental movement."

That's pretty funny since Damon in real life is an "anti-fracking fraudster" employed by an OPEC nation to discredit fracking.

Now THAT'S entertainment!

There is so much at stake for the oil industry, I think we can expect to see anti-fracking propaganda of many kinds in the near future. They've done it to ethanol. There's no reason to think natural gas (or any other potential competitor) wouldn't get equally rough treatment from the petroleum monopoly. Here are the articles on Matt Damon's movie:

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Author: Adam Khan, the co-founder of and co-author of the book, Fill Your Tank With Freedom.   

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