Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Something Spectacular is About to Happen

Fuel Freedom has been getting their ducks in a row for a long time. And in the year 2014, they will demonstrate their painstaking preparation. Are you ready to see something amazing?

In 2014, the Fuel Freedom Foundation is going to launch several state demonstration projects showing how existing cars can easily be converted to run on alcohol fuels such as ethanol or methanol.

Through these state pilot projects and a public awareness campaign, Fuel Freedom will demonstrate the path to fuel choice and competition, to economic dynamism, to a new era in national security, and to breaking oil's stifling monopoly once and for all.

Sign up for their updates here, like them on Facebook, and share their posts with your friends. And if you have money to donate, send it their way. This could be the year that changes everything.

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